Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wayne's World, Weekly Weezy Baby

The bass in this one is enough to make you poop your drawls.
If you got the speakers, don't be scared to turn it on up.

and if it's long the rest here.


dRchunkerton said...

without a doubt the biggest thing holding weezy back is the lack of talent in his collaborators. when guesting on a track he's always the highlight, so much so that i find myself wishing the other guys would hurry the fuck up and let wayne fly.

his collaborations with birdman are the exception; by no means is birdman a talented rapper, however the juxtapostion of his slow, labored rhyming and waynes frantic flow works marvelously, much in the way dr dre completemented snoop so well. dre was a poor rapper, but his blunt, straightforward delivery served to enhance snoop by comparison.

for further study check bridman & little wayne's "1st key" or the show stopping "stunning like my daddy." also key here is the trading of verses and the back and forth of the two rappers- something lacking in too many rap tracks now, the status qou being "you rap first, i rap second, t pain's part, he raps third, songs over"

so who should wayne work with? maybe he should just go it solo for the most part- drought 3 worked so well b/c it was just wayne, plus some great tracks that had been previously ruined by less talented mc's...

Herbert Frundle IV said...

That's a tough one. More often than not, I've found more frustration in Weezy himself.

The collab tracks, never really expect much out of for the most part. He's there for one reason, to bring some people to a track that normally wouldn't deserve any attention at all. I think as a side effect of his willingness to keep it moving, as evidenced by his retardedly high output of mixtapes, he takes guest spots when he doesn't need to. Though he does stand out, usually it's just cause it's weezy and not because it's an amazing verse. Charisma and delivery can trump a lot of things.

My big dissappointment, is that he claims he's the best, he can do anything he wants given the mixtape format, and still he trudges along with mostly so so beats and normal hip hop dudes.

He's pushed the delivery of the wierd rap/talk way past what Andre 3000 was doing before his current hiatus, but for the most part just the same old beats any other rapper could get his hands on.

Where's the wierdness? Where's the far out there, looking for the Greatest Music Alive for the Best Rapper Alive? Easy to criticize as a fan on the outside with no musical talent, but for a dude who is in a position to shit on a plate and have it heralded as the best thing ever, why wouldn't he be demanding the best? There's tracks here and there, like that robin thicke one, where there's a balance of a still incredibly catchy track, with a shit ton of twists and inventiveness.

He's never had a huge solo album, and the majority of his actual albums have a good bit of filler. Filler that is way better than most other rappers A-games, but for him filler nonetheless. Bring on the classic that twists everybody's head.

He spends so much time rapping over everybody else's tracks, I'm not sure he can get it together to make something truly incredible. Just better than everybody else's mediocrity. Granted, I'll get it regardless, but dude's wasting his potential trying to fit into a normal rap market when he's the obvious gifted weirdo that should be leading everybody else out of stagnation.

dRchunkerton said...

the short answer...he's on cash money.