Thursday, November 15, 2007

new threads thread

Yea or nay on the new site design thus far? i'm working on some other stuff, but most of these changes have to be hand-coded in xml- a serious bitch so it's slow going. credit to chris on the new 'danger skullz' graphic. i tried to strech it fit uptop but it came out looking funny, so i thought it's current placement to be dope.

anyone interested in the design of the site comment your suggestions here.


Danger Duck said...

how about a collage of our "danger nipples"?
I'm sure there's plenty of old material to work with

Lee said...

you invited farrell this whole thing is kind of ruined for me

justinlilly said...

if you guys need help w/ the site, let me know. I do webdev for a living and can probably help out here or there. (this is Chris's Sister's Boyfriend)

Herbert Frundle IV said...

i think we need at least a little help. XML is not the easiest to just pick up out of nowhere and run wild with. i'm sure he'll check in, but i have his contact info if someone has something particular in mind to ask about.