Sunday, November 11, 2007

star trek, ect, ect.

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whrer? hrer?

So, after some radom tv veiwings that were enjoyoble, ie with the doctor bald guy.
I have become enthraled with star trek. so much so.
I bought the five movies that james t kirk was in, and rented all the others.
The idea that mankind will one day operate on a saner level is as comforting as a hamburger and a simpsons dvd.
Why then? Why can't I watch the original movie without getting bored out of my mind.
I think that the whole begining of the movie, with the vulcan shit, is kind of like the book of gennisisisisis in the bible.
On and ON andOONN with the who b egat who and the so many years and shit.
Even if it is calm and reserved. Wise beyond our years.
I will attempt to watch it again tonighet this maondrndsing.!
Why not?
I want to sleep with her and her man friend is off to work. I like him but I'm drunk with her.
Why fight it? b
I'm a decent person, and the lessons I've learned have stuck rarely but the ones that have are more important than the ones I don't know yet.
How good will I be at life in twenty years?

oh, you should go here:
2 Girls 1 Cup

don't ask questions, just play the video. It will make you hate yourself less......or more. I can't remember which.


dRchunkerton said...

the first star trek movie is legendarily boring, though in my mind the most visually appealing.

star trek five is terrible. generally the movies which are even numbered are best, the exception being 10.

the best trek is the next generation and deep space nine, which generally follow the rule of the beard- tng where riker is bearded is good, and ds9 where sisko is goatee-d is also excellente.

voyager is usually the pitts unless the story revolves around the bald holo-doc or the hot borg woman in the catsuit. enterprise is a little better, but unfortunatly lacks a beard rule by which to judge it.

i saw 2 girls one cup at schulers apartment on his 50 inch flatscreen television- it's forver burned into my memory, and no amount of positive visions of the future will ever fix that.

Rickles said...

Kirk is in 7 of the movies. Fuck ST 1 i own it and never watch it. Wrath of Khan is the only Star Trek movie that gives Star Wars a run for its money.

Rickles said...

Waring if you have any decency don't watch the girlscup link. this probably only applies to Laura. Pete, i will never forgive u for this one!!