Thursday, January 10, 2008

Band of Brothers

Top Family Musical Acts

1.kings of leon- 3 brothers and a cousin everybody in this group in related. Ulitmate family troop.

2.the beach boys- 3 brothers and a cousin, KOL learned their moves right hear. However, as family members died they had to be replace by none relatives. Oh yeah and brain Wilson is kind of genius.

3.Oasis- two brothers who hate each other. One is good looking the other is talented: let the fighting ensue. Guess nobody got it all. twin guitar brothers. Angus is the famous one but he & malcom write all the songs together.

5.stone temple pilots- 2 bro’s who play bass and guitar. Together they wrote all the music and about %30 of the lyrics.

6.van halen- eddie is the one with all the talent. But alex has the same last name so their. In the current lineup Eddie’s kid is on bass making it even more van halen.

7.radiohead- Johnny’s got the flash but colin’s has the mean grooves ex: national anthem.

8.the black crowes- two hippie brothers out of touch with their time. One writes the music and plays guitar, the other the words and sings. Great combinations.

9.credence Clearwater revival- perhaps the most one sided brother team up. John writes the songs, the music, plays lead guitar, produces the records. While tom rides the coat tails hard.

10.the kinks- two brothers who both sing an write songs. It’s just ray was a lot better at it. They also hated each other with a passion.

11.the allman brothers band- they named the group after themselves. Gregg kept the name even after duane died (gross and weird)!

12.heart- the only female team up. They were sexy business back in the day. What would it be like if Robert plant had tits? Now we know.

13.the everly brothers
14.the stooges
15.collective soul
16.screaming trees

Hall of shame
18.los lonely boys
20.the righteous brothers
21.dire straits
22.the darkness

False advertising
1.the ramones- no one in the band is named ramone or related. But they are all still awesome.
2.the doobie brothers- no relation or weed in sight.
3.the chemical brothers- just two nerdy friends.
4.the dust brothers- great producers but in no way relatives.
5.the flying burrito brothers- their's a real lack of food or blood in this outfit.
6.sly &the family stone- sly’s real last name is Stewart and no of the band in his kin.
7.scissor sisters- cleary a joke, unless your not gay then its confusing.

Let me know any i forgot.


Danger Duck said...

I didn't know about the cranberries.
Where would you put the Bee Gees?
How about The Band? Were they family, or did they all just live together?
And that band that Jesse and Joseph Nix started to. They were total hyphy!

Rickles said...

bee gees are good forgot about them. nobody in the band was related they weren't even all from the same country. damn Canadians. Also the Jackson 5 were great, but we all know how that turned out.