Friday, January 11, 2008

Davy Jones' Locker and other stupid references

Calling all danger crew. Serious pow wow. Smoke signals coming from a burning carcass at the resting place of well laid plans...

We're literally two weeks away from due date. Laura can't make it. Lee's out. The wind is bringing me whispers of Chunk's hesitancy brought on by a number of factors, with begrudging acceptance that the west coast contingent's involvement is what his decision is riding on.
All hearsay, and hearsay is heresy, but that's i'll i've got to work with.

Where i'm coming from: I made the decision to go, damn the consequences. Work has politely obliged my request to enjoy slightly over a week of unbridled fun with a group of friends that rarely gets together without the pull of work, drama, or the occasional bought of syphilis.

I feel that if we don't make this happen, it will never happen. There is always a money constraint, alway s obligations to uphold, always a "better time in the future". Now is the time godamnit.

I know coming from the second half of a decade at this point of us all cohabitating portions of brainspace that it will never be the right time. We just need to do this, and deal with the complications later. That's how we always worked, that's how it needs to go down.

We are looking at a grand adventure, that in some regards makes no sense due to circumstance, with an end result being exponential fun and something to talk about forever. I know money is rough, but in the long run we're all gonna blow far more on shit we didn't need and will never remember what we spent it on.

i'm not bashing anyone, i understand the logistics of life. if you truly cannot make it, you will be there in spirit, and we'll talk some shit about you, and we'll all have a chuckle at the expense of some shit we're all guilty of, and we'll have fun.

remember fun? remember adventure? sell a kidney for all i care. throw down what you're really thinking so we can all come to a consensus. at this point, with great defeat, i'm almost viewing this as a last hurrah in a way. despite our best efforts, we're all settling into complacency, or finding further away adventures, or just second guessing.

i've come to realize that thinking was not our strong point as a group. in fact it was doing for the sake of doing and enjoying the outcome. stop thinking about the surrounding bullshit, and start planning on putting your ass on a boat and having a week of craziness, alienating a tremendous amount of strangers, and getting banned altogether from whatever cruise line we'll be on for life.

one of us is gonna die eventually, and we need an off color story about a danger cruise to upset the family at the funeral.


p.s. fuck you in advance rick for any comment about long windedness. this one is important you indigent cocksucker.


Rickles said...

i agree totally with chris. i will totally role the dice with you guys, consequences be damned. i don't think we will be able to get it together at a later date. i'm thinking of numerous camping,cruises, beach house and plane trips that all fell threw. the danger crew is my heart and its been broken to many times don't let me down again. come on show a little faith.

laura said...

I completely understand all of your frustrations. Really, I do. And I know that this post isn't about bashing anyone. I don't want any of you to think that it didn't kill me that I can't go. With my whole heart, I wanted to. I know we all have financial struggles and it's not a competition of who's in the worst spot. It just comes down to not being able to scrounge up that much cash that quickly, when I'm barely breaking even every month as it is. Please, talk shit about me for punking out and not being dangerous enough. But really, when have I ever been that dangerous - if we're being honest. Lately, I can't seem to follow through with anything - just ask Rick.