Thursday, January 3, 2008

DANGER, get on the Cruise

Aight, I got a lot more information this time. Hopefully this will answer any and all questions you have and will make you throw money at me so we can all partake on this joyous adventure. More after the jump...

First off, here are the dates: April 28 - May 2. Monday through Friday. It's the Port of Miami. If you need an address just put Port of Miami in Map Quest or Google Maps and it will give you the directions.

Chris and Pete could either fly to Miami or here in Aiken however, we may need more then 1 driver. Girl is going but she can only ride 5 because of luggage.

Here is the room situation: This is going to get confusing so try to stick with me...

Cheap: two rooms with 4 people in them. So far I have 8 people that want to go so this works out wonderly.

Next, we have two choices.

1. The cheaper option
This option states that we have a room but there is no
guarantee where on the ship it will be or whether the two rooms will be next to each other. The price for these rooms...$345.61 per person.

2. Other option (smarter)
This is the opposite of the cheaper option. Our rooms will be guaranteed next to each other. So we can hang more and borrow clothes. Price per person...$375.61

Now just a side note, these rooms are really small. We won't be in them much so if the cheaper option is cool with everybody then that's what we will do.

Another thing, we will NOT need passports. Your ID and birth certificate is mandatory though, so make sure you bring them.

Lastly, if anyone wants there is an insurance policy that you can take out. For $39 it covers a lot of stuff that I don't feel like typing so if you want to more about it holla.

One more money thing: I need your cash by January 31st. Cool


Rickles said...

Nice on the Dates May 2 is my birthday. It's worth it to be next to get rooms next to each other. Keep up the good work V, your the team captain. i can't wait for this is gonna be real serious!!

laura said...

I vote for the cheapest option. We aren't going to be in our rooms that much, so we don't really need more than a bed to lie in. I could really save the $30, this is going to break my bank as it is.

Have we thought about taking a bus down to Miami? I won't be able to drive my car, but as long as it isn't a stick shift, I can help with driving someone's car.

Also, who all is officially going?

OH, and I need your address to send a check.