Tuesday, January 29, 2008

San Diego: Finally we're in the elite club of drunk little fuck ups...

So, far whatever the reasons, I just picked up a notebook that is old and new stuff and am going to transcribe the good parts....I'll leave out the history notes.

What is the difference between relagated and reduced?
sync to slides

It always seems so hard for me
I see the words on your face
but I just can't read
And a part of me takes over
Overthink how everything I say goes over
On you
Resist the urge to splurge
forget alot
Throw shit into the fan just to get a rise out of yr friends
News of a war
That's just on TV
Who's in control of the situation now?
Light up the Town

Oh no, here comes my 19th nervous breakdown

Remember a day
When we could play
In the rivers
And not have to bathe
Can't see the light of a live wire
Until it's too late
The stars will burn out one by one
No matter what crime you've committed
If you've got the dough you'll be aquitted
And if you're the killer of more than all
They'll build you a statue, make you tall
So much so, you'll play lawn darts with missles
You'll say, "This court has found you Guilty, Death Penalty"
You'd better stay on the path of a logical lier
No, you can't come in my house
You're a bad man, the word is out

aiknedaquk gaie boy watch the fagory fit
ajkned a mak fawee mar hawk na world I mun

I'm gonna move to the center of the galaxie
Times Square, Tokyo they're no good
I want to watch the world pass by
And if things don't happen for you in New York
come sit and watch with me
You won't even need to talk about it
Let's just get out again
Explode like a rose
Be afraid of the dark again
Our own private urban renewal trip
urban renewal, urban removal

Urban renewal and backwards relationships
I'm closest to those I know the least

You always sense my drab appearance
My dapper cloak goes unnoticed
You want to regain some friendlyness
I'd like to smash your head in
Faces in a circle, closing closer now
Then they have ever been
You've lost weight
You're unhealthy, but you're looking great
Some people love the things you do
But mostly they all hate you
You're recognized anywhere you go
Everything is free but unappealing
And you sleep with one eye open
I can wait forever, but forever's not much longer now

Picking up glasses After you leave
They're not cold anymore
So I know you don't want them anymore
I don't care who gets the girl
It happens so fast
You were the wrong girl
But now you're fucking up
You're with the wrong guy

Like the most perfect mermaid
You fell out of a fable
And the flag on the furniture store makes me wonder
Why're we sitting down at the table
Times were hard but times were grand
for getting on with myself in my room
I've got time on my hands and blood on my feet
Now you're asking me if I ever thought we would meet again
And the answer is yes, it took long enough
And to hell with it if you can't hear what I'm trying to say
I'll be selfish and alone

You only see
What I want you to see

I'm going to Hawaii to die with Julia
There are bugs all around my bed
I don't know which ones are good and which ones are bad
Silverfish, too big to fit
I know I won't rest easy
Beware anyone who knows the right thing to say

Shortness of breath
I'm losing it
Coming on strong too far gone
Did I just drop that?
I was so careful before
Once I was on a path that led to you
You were right there, and I turned
But only a short ways
I tried to come back
You were right there, I could see you
And I followed you across a bridge

I wanna go to minimum security prison
Am I really just like you?

I know you're gonna leave me,
But before you pack your bags and hit the road
At the risk of sounding greedy,
would you let me get my kicks before you go?

Everyday they take a train
to make pennies on the dollar

I found a skull in the water
And it was soaking wet

No one's gonna care till far too late
An I hate to state the obvious
But I don't think it can wait till you've got the time to sit down
And discuss what all the fuss is about
it's getting hotter, there's just no doubt
won't be much longer till the shouting drowns out yr jokes
left in a world where it's better to sink than float
Jockey for first position
But the vie Destroy the tie
Jockey for first position

What we know:
Song titles are not copyrightable

You're in love with the idea more than the act
Losing momentum cannot get it back
Legitimate frustrations, wanna change your occupation
You dream faster than I drive
and don't work enough to get by, but don't as why?!?!
Don't do nothin about it, just get sick
Ahh, it never sticks

Ok, that's the shit that's 50% crap that's hiding in the green notebook.
I can't type anymore, because there is a really, really bad smell in the kitchen.
Here is a video that is great:.... ok nevermind, I guess I don't know how do do that.

So check this out:


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