Monday, January 14, 2008

Critics Raise Their Glasses To No Surprise

Although the Golden Globes are a no-go due to the seemingly indefinite writer's strike, Hollywood did gather last week to award their deserving colleages at the Critics Choice Awards.

A couple of winners I thought should be brought to light were the following:

"No Country For Old Men" won Best Picture, Best Director (The Coen Brothers), and Best Supporting Actor (
Javier Bardem),

Jonny Greenwood won Best Soundtrack for "There Will Be Blood"

Daniel Day-Lewis won Best Actor for "There Will Be Blood" (Sure to be repeat offender at the Oscars if they happen)

The one I was most impressed with was Jonny Greenwood's win for Best Composer for "There Will Be Blood" - as he was up against some titans in the field.

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Rickles said...

No country deserves the praise. laura we gotta go c their will be blood together. I'm going this weekend holla at me.