Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm so so so so sorry. You don't even know.

I'm so so so so sorry. You don't even know.

ok. So after breaking it down, the trip for me, and most of this is similiar for pete, looks like this:

$400 dollar cruise
$120 passport expenses
$250 plane ticket (minimum cost, looking like more at this point)
$450 for lost wages (they'll let me out of work but won't let me get paid for it)
$500 spending money and I'm told this is being thrifty
$50 minimum share of gas money for drive to and from Miami
$150 for food, necessities for four days (two before and after cruise fly/drive days)
$1920 minimum

Realistically, every penny spent would be worth it for the fun, but coinciding with everything else going on and maintaining progrees, I can't justify spending that amount of money when there are tons of other trips/things we can get together for at a fraction of that cost.

I'm sorry. I wanted this to go down just as much as everyone, but it just doesn't work for me.

I'm sorry V. Your hard work trying to put together this package for all of us is not unnoticed, and I feel horribly guilty for having to drop out on you.

After the disappointment subsides, lets start getting busy on legit alternatives. We all want to get together and have a good time, lets use the momentum to find something badass a little farther in the future.

Everyone, I'm sorry.


Joe Torre said...

In retrospect i should have known the cost would exceed the funds of most. Please be sure to understand that i ventured down this path for the sole purpose of good times and memories that would last until our Grandkids. It seems that money got in the way and i don't want anyone feeling bad or guilty about it. If fault is to be blamed it should be on me. I realize that.

So to everyone, i didn't mean to get hopes high. I wanted to be with my true friends if not for a few days a lifetime in pictures, stories and memories.

Mr Hinds it is not your fault. Nor anyone else.

Blame me before yourselves

Danger Duck said...

Hey, you don't want to tell your grandkids how we roll.