Friday, May 2, 2008

can i have some money?

From "The Nissan GT-R can now lay claim to being one of the fastest production cars in the world after GT-R chief test driver Tochio Suzuki completed the famous Nurburgring circuit in Germany in just 7 minutes 29 seconds. According to our records, this puts the GT-R in second place for fastest laps by unmodified production cars just behind the Pagani Zonda F which posted a time of 7 minutes and 27 seconds last November."

Nissan GT-R: $70,000
Pagani zoonda f: $900,000



Won't let me post html in comments. Normally i don't care for jay leno, but he's got a site to showcase all the cars he owns or is excited about. he's either knowledgable enough or has researchers, but i actually enjoy all of these videos. his take on the gtr.-chris


dRchunkerton said...

yeah leno is a real car enthusiast. he used to maybe still does write a column for popular mechanics on his car collection, which is off the chain. his knowlegdge and enthusiam is genuine and actually kind of charming. he should have just hosted a car show instead of being a comedian.

I read an article he wrote once an a fucking STEAM POWERED car he has from the turn of the century. it was cool.

oh, and the GT-R is probably the coolest thing i'll never own.

Herbert Frundle IV said...

if only.....the need for lift, not the cars, though a wrx sti would def be a good addition