Thursday, May 22, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

If you haven’t seen the movie yet don’t worry there are no spoilers here.

India’s back and older than ever, but it doesn’t matter. In stead of ignoring it they use it for comedic purposes. India 4 is a good move for all involved. Lucas & Spielberg get to be nostalgic while racking in the money. And Lord knows Harrison needs it. He hasn’t had a hit since “What Lies Beneath” where he was in a sporting role and that was eight years back. The last true Ford picture to be a blockbuster was “Air Force One” and it was over a decade ago. What happened you ask, well he got old. The main difference was in films like “Firewall”, “Hollywood Homicide”. & “Six Days, Seven Nights” Harrison was put in the same roles he would played earlier in his carrier but they were no longer age appropriate. These movies didn’t let him age gracefully, which the new India certainly does. He has certainly played Jones before but the character has changed.

All this would be beside the point if the film didn’t deliver the goods. Crystal Skull has comedy, action, scares, and great characters. Throughout the movie I found myself smiling. It’s fun in the best possible summer blockbuster kind of way. There are many points in the picture when things go way over the top. But this is an India Jones movie not some documentary. If you’re not smiling at the lovely ridiculous of it then you’ve missed the point.

The best comparison I can come up with is the Die Hard franchise. You can make a film by film parallel between these two franchises. I first films were instant classics. The second one the missed the mark a little. The third one they up the comedy with a new sidekick Sean Connery & Samuel L. Jackson respectively. After long absences: 12 for Die Hard and a whopping 19 for India they got back on the horse. So if you want to know what to expect think “Live Free or Die Hard” only better. Just like in that movie were they brought in a younger male lead, the filmmakers have done the same thing here with Shia LaBeouf. The great thing about the India series is that unlike the Die Hard’s they have been able to keep the same team together. (Lucas, Ford, & Spielberg)

The cast is all great. LaBeouf is a great sidekick and not annoying. Karen Allen comes back from “Raiders”. In my opinion she was the best Indiana girl. Kudos for giving her another go! John Hurt plays a crazy and gets some laughs. The key too many action movies are the villain and this movie’s got a great one. Cate Blanchett is a vicious Russian chick. She’s always been a great actress and never really gotten a shot at the baddie. Cate takes it a runs with it just check out here hair doo on the movie poster.

Were does this India rank in the series? It’s hard to say; I have to see it a few more times. It’s definitely better than “Temple of Doom”. Should I see it in the theaters? For sure! Come on, this is what summer movies are all about. Frankly i’m gonna see it again.

I’ve read a few headlines from other reviews of the movie. The best one I’ve seen that sums the whole thing up is by Roger Ebert "I can say that if you liked the other Indiana Jones movies, you will like this one, and that if you did not, there is no talking to you." I would say if you don’t like India Jones then you’re stupid.


Herbert Frundle IV said...

India Jones. I love you Rick.

Rickles said...

dyslexia strikes again