Sunday, May 4, 2008

Radiohead: Best of?

apparently radiohead are releasing a best of DVD with all the videos 21 of them. it comes out June 3. also a 2 disc best of cd. didn't think this would happen for a while. their are no tracks from the new LP. I'm guessing this is due to the time they where on Parlophone. The cd's lean heavily on OK Computer 7 tracks & the bends with 7 tracks as well. It's looks like their are gonna be different versions of it for UK & US respectively. Now what we really need is a complete collection of the b-sides! they also played a set on VH1 last night. its called in rainbows/ from the basement. go to to see it, pretty dope.

oh yeah i'll/many of you will see them thurs. hell yes!

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dRchunkerton said...

it's not radiohead's a cash in by there old record company. i read they are a little pissed about it.