Thursday, May 15, 2008

talk show host

Just finished taking the pics and video off my camera from the radiohead show in atlanta. Towards the end of the show i got the hang of taking picutres from so far back- i'll post a few as soon as i get them sorted out.

I wasn't expecting to hear talk show host, and it took me a minute to get the video started, but i'm pretty impressed by the sound and picture quality. It's really hard to keep the picture steady when you're zoomed in 15x; i think i did a good job though. At the end schuler starts talking to me about some crazy guy that thought jesse was my dad, so i just gave up.

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Rickles said...

good job. wish i had the bootleg audio now. is talk show host a b-side or a single. since it was included on the romeo & juilet soundtrack. either way its one of their best songs.