Thursday, May 1, 2008

Portishead: Cult Heroes

To celebrate the new Portishead LP i did my typical thing(made a playlist). Tell me what you guys think of it. What tracks needed to be added? Is their a good flow(chunk)? I tried to be even handed. i also included the Beth Gibbons solo album. And i did research for it, which is sad. Warning: Not Blair approved

1. Glory Box
2. Only You
3. Tom The Model
4. Machine Gun
5. All Mine
6. Numb
7. Requiem for Anna(Ganisbourg Cover)
8. Cowboys (Live)
9. We Carry On
10. Drake
11. Silence
12. Over
13. Strangers (Live)
14. Mysteries
15. Sour Times

I think the new album is good. I feel like its gonna be a grower. the main complaint i have against it is theirs a lack of bangers, which were the core of their other LP's.
What did you all think of the new album?


dRchunkerton said...

i just assembled yr playlist and am running it....however, i'm lacking the gainsbourg cover. can you send it to me? chris and i had luck sending files through AIM.

surface critisims...i don't know about including beth gibbons solo. also, you missed 'mysterions,' 'it could be sweet,' and 'roads'- though all of those songs are on the first album, and you might have cut them in the interest of fairness. but fuck fairness. i'll work on my retort.

also, do you have the trip-hop reconstruction? i do, but i need to examine it more throughly. also, i have another live album that's pretty sweet.


Rickles said...

I downloaded the AIM, however i am unsure how to use it correctly. a phone call will be necessary to unsure the track gets to you. i stuck to the singles and gave every album a equal number of tracks. perhaps not the best approach which why i asked for feedback. don't have the trip hop thing.

Herbert Frundle IV said...

i gotta give this a few more spins before i start putting my foot in my mouth.