Saturday, May 10, 2008

What is this, ice?

Apparently rick and kristin have this theory that chris and i don't actually think tim and eric are funny, we're just jealous. Can't it be both?

Thanks to lee for turning me onto this clip.


Herbert Frundle IV said...

after spending years of watching us giggle like school girls for hours on end about some inane inside joke while no one else is laughing all while trying to make other people uncomfortable, i don't understand how anyone could say we don't actually relate to this humor.

as for the jealous part, that goes without saying.

on a lighter note, Chunks your tooth sharpener broke my finger and customer service is being anything but helpful.

Rickles said...

i think its the random faces like at the beginning of the clip that i don't like. once the guy starts freaking out then its funny. that my 2 cents.