Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Danger Classics, Vol 1

This shit is all chris....


Herbert Frundle IV said...

fuck yes. i've never even seen this video.

while i think deltron3030 is the ultimate masterpiece for rising above a million constraints and potential trappings to make a fully immersive, textured experience on multiple levels, from a direct hip hop perspective this album puts him in the Halls of Justice.

Others would argue 'I wish my brother george was here' and some of his group work with Heiroglyphics was the reason, i think it was all work up to 'Both Sides of the Brain'. It's a must have for anyone that doesn't hate rap, and will probably win over some of those that do.

He's on par for the entirety of this album on wittiness and humor as Devin the Dude, with a weirdness on par with Kool Keith, while being completely himself without ever really alienating anyone.

Bubbly beats, mostly self produced with an upbeat feel, and topics from the Homage to the complete history of video game consoles on Proto Culture (I owned the first nintendo power/with the maps for zelda/help me conquer in an hour)

the conflict of not smoking weed but being an alcoholic to follow the rules of his parole officer in BM's to the Genius of Jaw Gymnastics.

It's just straight intelligent fun, and anyone interested i will gladly give you a copy.

Besides Del, Jaw Gymnastics contains what is in my opinion one of the top three verses ever delivered in hip hop, by Casual. I include the lyrics cause i think it stands up, but if you hear the delivery you'll be a believer even if it doesn't come across in writing.

(I'm the difference between Hanna Barbara and Hanibal the Barbarian/
The metal stiletto ghetto cesarean/
Word carryin' clarion

My drum kicks got blood on a steel toe/
Nasty like crud on a dildo/
For real though/
Bram bisque gets bust and break a baller for his billfold

Better beware boy before the shoddy make ya body prostrate
Before they dope make ya eyes dilate/
My rhymes'll gyrate/

Liquid spills covering nine states/
Liftin' crime rates/
Shiftin' earth plates/
Casual amongst the ranks of greats

Bitch niggas get treated and took out like dates/
They lightweights/
Have dat ass beggin' for another day like Nate

Your hard/
Boulevard facade'll get you scared/
Get cha shit served preserved
Banned, canned and jarred/
And labeled as a fable/
Ya unstable/
My methods on the mic make money under the table/
Pay-Per-View, Digital-TV, or Cable
By cell phone, via satellite, or right at cha label/
Hell, you can even send an email/
I rip that ass in 500K detail/
Use a seasheall/
In an ocean of emotion/
Periless notions of my delicate delivery devotion

Minimal effort make are shit sound phat
And Smash Boogie
We gets down like that

Rickles said...

i had this album but i lost it in the hard drive meltdown. i need you IM me this goodness.