Sunday, September 6, 2009

12 Rounds do I do this to myself?

Absolutely Nothing

So much it would take me forever to type it. Just don't see this movie.

Let me just explain: I've been watching this show called Jerico and there's this chick in it named Ashley Scott:

kinda hot right? But then I saw her in 12 Rounds and it was like a different person:

Ashley Scott short hairnot really hot? Is it just the short hair? Her nose looks big too. What do you think?



Joe Torre said...

how the F do i keep messing these post up?? i put it all underneath. man

Rickles said...

i watched some of this one at work i got really upset a went into the lobby and shadow boxed the hate away. that girl is hot your stupid

Danger Duck said...

first off. Leave her hair cut alone. Leave her nose alone. The second pic is the better looking one. You're being a little harsh don't ya think. Anyways, in jerico isn't the other girl the realllllly hot one?

You should have known better than to see any movie that's so bad that it has to advertise in big letters that its "from the producer of Speed".
Who cares?
Not that speed is a bad movie, right? Are big budget producers just the money bags behind the operation. Who gives a fuck?