Saturday, September 5, 2009

State of Play$7031306$300.jpgI went to college to do this, but for sports not this.

The very end of the movie when the credits are rolling, you get to see how a newspaper is made.
Robin Wright Penn - knowing that her and Sean Penn are having marital problems makes her role that much more real. You can see the pain in her face during some scenes.
Jason Bateman - His look was the much needed comic relief.

Ben Affleck - do I really need to put anything here?
Kevin Macdonald - I loved the Last King of Scotland. The pace was great and he kept everything interesting but it just wasn't there this time.

I didn't like this movie. Maybe it was the actors (though I do like most of them) or just the plot in general but for suspense movies like this I was kind of bored. There was no "edge of my seat" parts. During the middle I started doing crunches to keep myself awake.



Herbert Frundle IV said...

you had me at " During the middle I started doing crunches to keep myself awake."

the end no doubt, but everyone has told me of all people that brevity is key.

Rickles said...

i liked it more than u V. it reminded me of All the Presidents Men. i not a huge fan of the political thrillers but this is a good example of the genre. Rachel McAdam's is my Stizs

Joe Torre said...

That's cool. I saw All the Presidents Men but could never get into it.