Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I want to play a game called:

Underrated, Overrated or about right.


You guys know way more then I do about music so I really want to get your opinion on this. After Jay Z ended the VMA's not only was I not impressed but I thought of the Behind the Music special that featured Lil Wayne and how he talked so highly of Jay Z. Why?

Russel Brand was highlighting his performance throughout last Sunday night and once it was over I ws left with a feeling of emptyness (and a bit aroused thanks to one Alicia Keys).

So I ask on to you Crew of Danger, is Jay Z Underrated, Overrated or is his hype about right?

and if it's long the rest here.


Lee said...

I would say its about right. He is not my favorite rapper but pretty much everything he put out is at the very least listenable. he of course has had a few missteps but overall he is a great rapper that usually picks great beats and I enjoy him.

dRchunkerton said...

overrated, but just slightly. he's great no matter what way you look at it, but in the rap world even mediocrity is called "genius" (i.e. tupac), especially by other rappers. When you spend your head stuck in one genre of music your sense of scale tends to get a little fucked up.

Herbert Frundle IV said...

ten or eleven albums deep all of em solid, most of them great, is a track record that puts him in rare company in music in general, let alone rap.

i like the black album best, one of only a handful of rap albums i can listen to start to finish any day any time, but reasonable doubt and first blueprint are must haves as well.

get the new one if you don't have it, 3/4's of it are replay instantly tracks.

who else do y'all feel is on par?

Rickles said...

I like alot of his singles. the albums get old to me fast cause i dont like alot of his subject matter. He is however a master of capitalism.