Sunday, September 13, 2009

Honestly, do you like...

....Laurence Fishburne?

I saw a new episode of CSI Las Vegas (my favorite one) and Fishburne took Grissom's place as lead actor. It turned the show into a disaster (that rhymed!!). And then I started thinking besides the first Matrix, what else has he been in that I've liked? I couldn't think of anything. Anyone got anything?


dRchunkerton said...

he's okay. he excells at playing laurence fishburne.

he was in apocalypse now. that's a good movie.

Rickles said...

good stuff mystic river, pee-wee's playhouse, boys in the hood.

csi sucks its the scooby-doo of adult tv shows

Joe Torre said...

Apocalypse Now is not a good movie.

I'll give you Boys in the Hood and Mystic River.

CSI Vegas is/was a great show. you are gay

Danger Duck said...

Ok, gonna have to disagree about apoc now. Also, there was this rad movie that I was in with L.F. called the death and life of bobby z
It's a real gem.