Thursday, September 17, 2009


Realized i'm now physically incapable of taking a full deep breath.

it scared me, especially as someone who considers themselves active.

time to stop the nonsense for good.

V, got any advice for fighting off urges besides "just power through it"?

and if it's long the rest here.

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Joe Torre said...

All seriousness, it was easy for me because 45 year old men were running faster, harder and longer then me in basketball and I wasn't having it. That alone was my drive and I've never looked back.

You need to find that one thing to push you. Maybe this is the moment. You have to be ready.

The hardest thing is breaking the habit. Not just the smoking habit but the habit of waking up and smoking. Habit of smoking after eating. Those times are when it was hardest for me. Make yourself do something in place of it. Running helped. I know you bike so do that more and harder. Always push yourself. Once you start seeing your progress it will be easier.

Hope this helps.