Wednesday, September 2, 2009

xx - xx

Per Mike V's request to feature music that we are currently spinning, or at least loading into active memory:

click it, dummy.

the xx's near eponymous debut, xx. a classic grower, classic fall album, whatever. didn't do much on the first few tries, but repeated listens reaped greater rewards. maybe, i think, because the production is unfussy and thin, this record creeps in slow. but it's a keeper. creeper/keeper. har.

my favorite track of the moment, basic spaces. here:

A little Italians do it better, but better. a little junior boys; austere, programmed guitar songs about fucking, but messier. An original and suprisingly mature debut.


Rickles said...

saw a regular picture of them their kids crazy they can make this good of music

Joe Torre said...

pimp video. great sound. me want!

i checked them out on allmusic but they have no albums? is this something that is coming out or do you have it already? good post

RICK - please proof read your shit. use punctuation. damn

dRchunkerton said...

click the x, vee.

Joe Torre said...

i did but it gives me some kind of error message. what is it suppose to send me to?