Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stereo Mc's - Connected

Connected - Stereo MCs

Last running to AIK Chunks brought up stereo mc's "connected". It comes on 12 times a day if you're unfortunate enough to work for an applebee's such as us and while there's a few good tracks that do come on the muzak, most of it is unbearable.

Connected is one of the few no matter how frequent i don't get sick of it...

wondered if it was in comparison to the other songs or if it was that good, and also why the hell didn't i know anymore about them with such a perfect song under their belt.

Got the album "connected". Track 1 is the titular, and best, but it's worth going farther.

Album release is within a year of Massive Attacks Blue Lines, and while the similiarities are undeniable, i can't imagine they're a ripoff as much as a result of the time/location/scenes.

S.Mc's much less miserable, more upbeat, but certain tracks are stellar and fit in to a point i feel like I got denied years ago with my inundation into the small world of quality "trip hop", nobody told me there was a happier side.

besides the regs these stand out to me:

all night long-instrumental bordering on some Beastie Boys Root Down e.p. vibe
playing with fire- dead on the same as massive attack,hook vocals and all.still tits.
chicken shake- instrumental with a bass groove that makes me wish Dr. Dre had stolen it and worked his magic.

Give it a go. I think the majority of any weaknesses it may have is dated production, overall it'll sink in and it's not a bad place to hang out for awhile.

download it here.

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dRchunkerton said...

word. i've been thinking about this song all week. i'll add my thoughts on the record later.