Thursday, September 3, 2009

'Bout time we talk about the Elephant in the corner

Good luck, homie....I hope you realize where you're going and what you're facing......Philly's a tough place for a second actThis is Michael Vick

I don't like this man anymore. I don't respect him, I don't envy him, I would feel good if his body was found in a lake or river. If the person who killed him was discovered I would wear his face on a shirt or possibly praise his or her God. That's right, I hate Michael Vick.

Here's why:
I'm a dog lover like most of the Danger Crew. I think Chunks is the only one with no history of owning one. However, this has very little to do with my decision to be a hater. We all know that Vick was involved in dog fighting and everybody in the sports world and those who I've talked to all believe that he served his crime and that he should bee given another chance. I do not agree.

Vick himself participated in the killings of eight dogs in April, according to the indictment. The animals were killed "by various methods, including hanging, drowning and slamming at least one dog's body to the ground."- full article

A person that can do these things cannot be normal. Cannot be fixed. Cannot be trusted. He realizes that he has to say the right thing, do the right thing or else his life is over. Subjected to a life of riches to rags (he became a construction worker) then back to riches, he knows he has to appear changed, appear rehabilitated to get back into the life he once had.

I'm not buying it. No matter what he says or does, I'm not buying it for a minute. I can't believe that Goodell is letting him back as soon as Week 3. F that. I really want to say this but I don't want anyone to take it the wrong way. So hear me out. When a women gets raped...sorry...the person that does it and gets caught is never looked at the same in society. And rightfully so. He's fucked up. He made a choice and now has to live with it. I'm not comparing the crime just the mentality of the person. Vick is fucked up and he's fooling people.

What do you think? Feels like I'm rambling so I'll end it here.


dRchunkerton said...

there seem to be alot of criminals in pro sports. and foreigners. was it always like that?

i agree, he did terrible shit and is most likely and awful person. but that'll never matter when money is involved.

i'm new to sports, so i can't say for certain, but i feel that in the near future, hardened criminals will be drafted into major sporting leagues, and made to compete for there freedom, gladiator style. or not.

Rickles said...

Tyson raped and returned.

You got beef with him?

Joe Torre said...

Fuck yeah I got beef with him. Look at Tyson...the man is a child. He should have been locked up and forgotten about. Rape is one of the ultimate crimes.

But no matter what people think, Chunks is long as there is money involved anything is possible. Sad.

I am glad he didn't play well. Hopefully he'll never get back into and he'll be forgotten.

Danger Duck said...

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Joe Torre said...

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