Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Everything Is Illuminated Wow!

Everything - The actors, the plot, scenery, length, EVERYTHING.


I must send out a special thanks to one Peter Graves who recommended this movie to me a while ago and like my normal fashion I threw it in a pool of movies known to most who have Netflix as my Queue. In there Everything Is Illuminated fought off such gems as The Heartbreak Kid, Boiler Room, Toolbox Murders, Max Payne, Powder Blue and the second season of Prison Break to make its way all the way to top of my Queue to be delivered to my door.

Really, see this movie. It's kind of old ('05) so I'm sure some of yous have already seen it but seriously it's good.

A couple of gems: Sammy Davis Jr Jr, Jonfen (Jonathan with a Czech accent) and my personal favorite...the sexual position 69 got its name because it was invented in 1969. Genius!



Rickles said...

me & chunk watched this with peter and ron. ron hit on Megan the whole time. it was awesome

Herbert Frundle IV said...

sammy davis jr. jr., cummeeeeeerrr!!!

Joe Torre said...

so if everyone saw it already, what do you think of it?

Lee said...

I think its great. i would also recommend wristcutters. its kinda similar.