Sunday, September 6, 2009

uh oh, chunky's into trash rap again

i love this.


Rickles said...

this is everything i hate

dRchunkerton said...

my rebuttal:

outside of your cave, rick, there is a world. a world where large, aging american cars are painted vivid and hoisted up on giant wheels. this is a good world.

your hate rings false rick, because i know that if we had a car like this, with loud thudding music, and you had drank your customary three and a half beers, you would be the first one hanging off the side, hooting and screaming, having the time of your life.

this is a magical piece of trash, rick. not every summer song is a timeless, tuneful, well considered pop masterpiece. some are just fun, dumb and completely of the time.

Herbert Frundle IV said...

omg i wanna see rick sittin sidewayz so bad.

Joe Torre said...

who run it Rick? burnt

Rickles said...

you dont have to idolize cars to have fun, ive have hung outa of plenty of hoopdeys in my day