Sunday, October 18, 2009

2 yr anniversary!

Chunks brought it up, 2 year anniversary of danger blog in a matter of days, i've made peter shirts in the past, this seems equally as exciting.

Rick, talk to evan, who's into lame 90's music, and see if he'll make some shit happen even though i've shitted on him publicly in a "do better you're lame" sense. Toys R Us north charleston doesn't cut it regardless if there's a lambo in the lot or not. They made me take my hat off for an Applebee's atmosphere!!!! I know he's sympathetic!

Got designs and posters in the bank just need to know they can happen for real. Milestones and shit. We've accomplished something as a group, the rest of the world can fuck off. Seriously. The world hates us. Or hates you. We're intriguing. Either way. You/we suck. lets make fun sexy time party wear!? Shut up.!.Get a job you loser. Jesus Rick is worthless! Kisses!

and if it's long the rest here.


Rickles said...

if where doing anniversary we should do the 10th year of danger crew.

Joe Torre said...

I agree with Rick, ten years as friends is a milestone. If things keep up like this however, I'm not sure if we'll last another ten years.

I can't believe it's been that long. man o man

All kidding aside though, I love you guys and I couldn't imagine being apart of any other crew.

In Danger we trust

Herbert Frundle IV said...

Not trying to call you out uncomfortably, but was concerened by part of your comment.

"If things keep up like this however, I'm not sure if we'll last another ten years."

What situation/feelings is this in regards to?

Joe Torre said...

haha, I meant it was a joke but I guess it wasn't that clear. It's actually in regards to you, me and Chunks. I'm just wondering how much longer Rick can endure such bashing from so many angles.

Not to say we're wrong but it can't be easy on him. If I was Rick, well I'd get a job, but that aside I'd want to move to Chicago too. And get married. smile face