Saturday, October 17, 2009

Peter! New Daniel Johnston

If you're not familiar, watch The Devil and Daniel Johnston . Your missing a piece of goodness in your life. A must see for music heads. If you are familiar, get this now. I'd enjoyed aspects of prior albums, but his looming personality always pushed it more than the music. The new album is awesome, the first album that sounds like "real music" instead of just the whimsy of a wonderful crazy person, as wonderful as that whimsy was. His prior lo-fi has it's place, this actually puts him production wise where he deserved to be, as opposed to just another wesley willis "i love him cause he's crazy". Shit is just good pop songs.

And Peter, he's playing Caine's on the 23rd. I will hate you if you don't go see him for us. Tickets still available.

Download by clicking the pic silly.

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