Thursday, October 15, 2009

Human Nature

AV Club had a year of flops posting on Human Nature. Charlie Kaufman written, Michel Gondry directed. Watched it with rick awhile back and it's appropriately absurd and hilarious. A must see for our general mindset.

However, was more excited at the potential of a Nathan Rabin line in the middle of the article.

"We must change something essential about ourselves if we ever hope to get laid. And what is growing up, if not an epic quest to get laid?"

One of the rare times i'm stopped in my tracks while reading an article and end up re-reading and pondering over and over again.

From what little i've learned, attempting to grow up is a lifelong battle and the epic quest is constant small scale reinvention and approach to little avail.



Rickles said...

i often felt i need to change things about myself in order for people to like me. now i feel their is someone that will like you. fuck growing up

dRchunkerton said...

"fuck growing up" - easy to say when you don't have to.

Rickles said...

always up for a cheapshot

Joe Torre said...

When you're 27 and your parents pay all your bills and you make a comment like that, I wouldn't consider it a cheapshot. I consider it a valid-shot.

I mean, I want to be a toys-r-us kid too. Are your parents adopting???

dRchunkerton said...

ah-hahahahahahahaha! HA.

Rickles said...

u guys missed the point but bring on all your hate and jealously

dRchunkerton said...

rick, there's no point to be missed. only someone in your position could have made a statement like that at our age.

and i'm not jealous. i'm proud of who i am. i'm smarter, stonger, and far more prepared for what life throws at me.

the anger we feel comes from your complete obliviousness to the kind of lives we live. you don't know how frightening/exhilarating taking care of yourself really is.

and maybe that's okay. but when you say things like fuck growing up, it's going to make the rest of us pissed.

Rickles said...

exactly you missed my point. i meant fuck growing up in that you have to change or hide something about yourself to get laid. had nothing to do with being an adult in a financial sense. by attacking me you only reveal what your pissed about. i was address chris post you were addressing your feelings about me, totally separate.

Herbert Frundle IV said...

sorry to say the two are tied together. while i normally understand you not enjoying getting personally attacked by me, their points are valid and explained.

you fight so hard when obviously everyone else is dumbfounded by your stance, maybe it's time to really start dealing with the situation your in.

nobodies saying they wouldn't want the help, but to repeat myself at this point you're in a position where more harm is being done than good. you're capable of work, you've graduated college, and you've said yourself you're stuck on the next step.

the next step is your independence, and the sooner you make it happen is the sooner you get over the hump holding you back.

you like family, you like expectations. surprise your folks and quit sitting on your ass. it'll open up that next chapter your looking for, and eliminate the fact that what everyone else obviously has a realistic perspective on will quit bothering you.