Thursday, October 1, 2009

chunky product review- Klipsch Image S4 earphones

I don't know if any of you are still using the earbuds that came with your ipod; i would hope that you aren't. They are painful and sound shit. apple are real bastards for not upping their game in that category.


i was. until i started walking a year or two ago i only used my ipod in my car or house, and didn't need in-ear phones. when mowing the summer i was forced to use giant over-ear phones to hear over the noise of the mower. no good.

my birthday was last week and i decided this year to actually brainstorm on a few things i would like. i've started keeping a little notebook by my computer to write down ideas when the come to me (i forget everything all the time now. anyone else?), and the top three things on my list were earbuds, running shoes, and a camera tripod.

i did a little research and came across this review. paid 80 plus a few dollars shipping from amazon, came yesterday.

if you still have your apple earbuds, buy these.

if you have some other cheapies, buy these.

if you have some other expensive earbuds, ask for these for christmas.

super comfortable, attractive design, and jawbone rattling bass. you need these. IN YOUR EAR.
be careful tho if you do any music listening in dangerous places- jogging/riding bikes along busy roads, while cattle ranching, etc. you won't hear anything coming up on you till the last second.

so next on my list is the running shoes. anyone have any recomendations? i've read less padding is actually better; has anyone else read this whole debate on heel strike vs toe strike? mike v?


Rickles said...

i always got a list going

Danger Duck said...

the best running shoes are the one you never wear. they last forever

r4ds said...

The cable of the Image S4 earphones doesn't seem very durable, and the included eartips may not work for everyone.