Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Full Circle

Kick back and relax with your choice of bong load, case of natty, or main's about to get jingled all the way.
How did it slip by that the creepy vhs I had all these years was a mst3k episode? Did we already know it and it just got drank out of memory?
I seem to recall most of us commenting that it would've made a great episode. I also remember that outsiders, insiders, and random "party people" becoming quite upset at the high frequency of plays this one got at the dome.
Watch it and let me know if you think we could have done better or not.

By the way, is our "after the jump" code missing? How does that shit work?

Oh, and also, i guess I don't know why i can't post the video... Link instead.
Guess which option I chose for relaxation.
"kid, that's not how you play a rifle"

I should get to work. Santa will have to wait untill christmas. Happy Halloween.

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Danger Duck said...
what the fuck