Friday, October 2, 2009


Spoiler free

I went and saw the midnight premier last night. It was fantastic, instant classic. The movie isn’t really a horror film it’s more a comedy. I recommend you go see it in the theaters, it benefits from crowd participation. This ones gonna be a top 5 contender for the end of the years best of list. The cast is all great particularly Woody Harrelson doing his thing. Also Jesse Eizenberg (or as he’s know in my house fake Michael Cera) does an excellent job being nerdy. WARING don’t read any review or IMDB pages there are some things you don’t want to know going into it. I didn’t even know the plot prior to seeing it and I think it better for it.

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dRchunkerton said...

saw last this last night and thought it was pretty good, tho i think instant classic is a little far. the mystery guest was by far the high point.

as for jesse eisenberg as "fake micheal cera," i know what your getting at, but if there's anyone out there coasting by on micheal cera-like performances, it's micheal cera. kid needs to switch it up.