Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bat for Lashes One Week Only

Bat for Lashes 2+2
Please click above link if you haven't watched. Bat for lashes documentary on Pitchfork for this week only. They're always great, this one hit me as hard as the Atlanta Scene doc, and it's a far more limited scope, just one artist, one album.

The first album, i quick judged as a Bjork ripoff and subsequently ignored. A good one but not that special. The second album, Two Suns far more intrigued for a couple listens, but not overwhelmed.

After watching the doc, i can't stop listening to Two Suns. I wish more artists did this, but coinciding with an albums release (a la Blakroc, another must watch. RZA plays guitar w/black keys on one). It puts not only the recording process, but the context and approach of where the essence of the album is coming from on display.you're instantly focused with references and inferences when you listen to it afterwards. It doesn't hurt the doc that she's intelligent and attractive i suppose, but the music is undeniably great on it's own, I'm smitten all around. Better late than never. Click the pick for the album silly.

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Joe Torre said...

I don't know about the music but this cover makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.