Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gun Control

This got me thinking.

I don't usually like to start political discussions on here, but this is one i feel rather strongly about.

Guns are cool. They are loud and go band and i'd love to go to a firing range and blast a few rounds off. But i don't want one for myself, and i frankly i don't want ones for anyone else.

war games are fun, but i'm rational enough to recognize they are just games. maybe that should qualify me to own a gun. someone recently asked me if i was going to get one "now that i have a family." i was a little appalled.

it's been my experience that the people i know that own guns, or a least want them, and the ones who need them the least. that is to say, they are poor candidates for gun ownership- rash, irresponsible, stupid.

so what do we say? i lean very liberal here- i feel gun laws should be even more stringent, and don't necessarily feel the 2nd amendment is appros for the modern world. what say you?


Herbert Frundle IV said...

with both cowboys and ignorance ingrained in american culture since forever i don't think theres a way to escape it.

should there be less guns? yes.
should it be harder to get them? yes.
is this really feasible? no.

like anything the government has tried to restrict or ban, instead of it going away it becomes a bigger commodity and tool for the exact people they're trying to get it away from.

the issue is broader than just guns, it's how does the huge cultural shift come about where we promote rational thought and progress in this country?

most of the pro-gun arguments are based on irrational fears.

Self defense? The majority of people will never be in a scenario where a gun is what's necessary. Almost all the guns used for crime are stolen. Where are they stolen from? Robbed from the homes of people who keep guns for protection.

The really far nuts always quote the right to bear arms so the people can protect themselves from the government. These people don't have the basic capacity to know that the government isn't gonna come in your front door with a shotgun. The government already controls aspects of every part of your life.

It usually just comes down to "you can't mess with the constitution". That's bullshit. They've messed, bent, and broken the constitution left and right to fit the gov's needs and will continue to do so.

I'm tired of pro-gun run arounds. At least if they just came out and said what they really feel i wouldn't be so angry that they're trying to bullshit me.

Q:"Why should you have the right to a gun?"
A:"Because I want one"

Fair enough dumbfucks. Fair enough.

Rickles said...

England figured it out, so should we. Im scared of em