Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ghostly Kills It

Press play and read you goofs.

Two Dots - Lusine
Every once in a while a label comes along and can do no wrong for a spell. Motown, Factory Records, on and on. Ninja Tune had their shit together for ages, Quannum had backpacker hip-hop on lock for sooo long. In the here and now, Ghostly International is my shit.

For several years anything gotten is super rad, artists found and enjoyed haphazardly end up being attached unbeknownst. It's a goldmine even if you have only a passing interest in what's going on in poppy electronic music. 

The latest gushing obsession is the most recent Lusine release A Certain Distance. Nods to electronic music from the last 20+ years wrapped up in a perfectly crafted package. Great stuff going on: apparently Adult Swim bump worthy grooves, lush vocals, skittish glitch, robot dance jams, bumpy house beats, enveloping noise. It's awesome. Just awesome.

Every artist on the label is more than worth spending repeats with. Working on a personal comp for uninitiated, it's all so effing good you're lucky i only rambled this long. If you didn't already get the School of Seven Bells, Deastro, or Matthew Dear records i publicly pissed my pants over, begin here and try not to get sucked in.

Click the album cover silly!

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dRchunkerton said...

i'm feeling lusine. when you come on sunday bring a flash flask full of ghostly, plz