Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Girlfriend Experience

Before I throw some good and bad things at you I want to talk a little about how I got into this movie. Sasha Grey was first porn star whose name I learned. She's hot! And I get to see her naked! And she does porn, hardcore to boot (Rick, this means there's penetration). I had to see this movie just for her, to see how she acts. To see why Soderbergh put her in it. I mean I know what the movie is about but why? Why a pron star? Not only have I never seen a pron star act well but how will she do with a movie that lasts longer then 5 minutes?

Sasha Grey - I thought she did a good job. I would never have guessed she was a porn star.
Length of the movie - sitting at a buck fifteen it cleverly did it's job as a sort of documentary without getting boring or going to far.

There is no rewatchability. Once you see it, that's it. Sasha Grey is only naked for like 5 seconds so that's not bringing me back. Besdies all the hot girl jokes that I'd like to make, Documentaries can be great but I can never put one at the top of a list.

If you see this, watch the bonus'll see Soderbergh, it's really hard for me to say/type this without laughing, but he actually says he heard about Sasha Grey through an article. I can't remember which magazine but I know it wasn't connected to pron in any way. There's only one way you hear about a porn star.


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im interested in this movie.